Asitente de Costes

Assign costs to each worker attending to contracts, locations, holidays, overtimes, complementary hours, agreements, etc. Checks deviations from planned costs to validate your expense ratios and control real-time data that provide adjusted budget. Within the workforce management, there are many concepts that have different costs depending on many variables.


It defines the different type of contracts that you have available for the workers, indicating the cost per hour for the different possibilities: festivities, night hours, extra hour, supplementary hour, normal hour in contract, etc. It assigns the contract to each one of the workers, taking for granted that you can change the contracts of your workers or assign them a different contract according to the period of time. The historical of these costs are always stored.

About the real assignation in the work schedule, the system automatically updates the work costs of the teams. Besides, alarms can be generated when the expenses exceed certain ratios. It validates that information and generates informs about the expenses of your teams. These expenses can be also calculated inside of specific locations and depending on the category of the different workers.